Driver Training Pricing Schedule



Medical                                                                                                        £ 60



Module 1 theory training included test fees                                          £ 55           

C (rigid) or CE (articulated) practical driver training                        £ 1000

Includes vehicle use for driving test, but doesn’t include test fee (£115)

DVSA driving test fee                                                                              £ 115


Initial Driver CPC

Module 2 theory training including test fees                                         £ 41

Module 4 practical assessment including fees                                  £ 200


*the above costs include all practical training required to sit the first test but do not include training nor test fees for any resits that may be required.


               Driver CPC periodic Training

            Per 7 hour session                                                                                   £ 50


            DVSA upload fee (per 7 hour session)                                              £ 8.75