Category CE licence (articulated lorry)

The class ‘C+E’ licence replaced the older class I licence in 1997 and passing the ‘C+E’ test is a requirement for operating an articulated vehicle or a rigid vehicle towing a large trailer. Without the ‘C+E’ licence you are limited to towing a 750 Kg gross weight trailer.

In order to attend our LGV C+E training courses, you must have first passed your category C (rigid vehicle) LGV test. You must ensure that you have Category C+E provisional entitlement stated on the paper counterpart of your driving licence. You will also need to ensure that your existing LGV Category C entitlement is still valid, and has not expired, as candidates over the age of 45 will need to renew their LGV medical examination every 5 years for their LGV Category C Licence entitlement to remain valid.

The provisional licence for a ‘C+E’ vehicle is an automatic entitlement on passing the ‘C’ licence. No further medical or theory test pass is required prior to training.